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Proofing Issues

At Artemis we are constantly getting called to businesses and residential properties where rodents have got in and started causing trouble. Most of the time its down to proofing issues across the site, underneath doors, gaps around the pipe work holes and cracks in the wall or roof to name a few issues. At Artemis we not only find these entry points but can also offer advice and services to proof up these entry points to help stop future pest infestations. Proofing is very important in keeping a premises free of pest activity. Also for businesses looking for a good scores on the door score it is also very important as Environmental Health officers take proofing issues very seriously when conducting their inspections of a premise. Artemis Can help businesses achieve a high score with our free site surveys of businesses to look for proofing issues. Most small jobs can be done on the day by an Artemis Technician or surveyor, however for larger jobs it may require specific materials or even expert builders. The most common proofing issues we find is either gaps under doors, which can be easily fixed usually with attaching a bristle strip to the bottom of the door and also gaps around pipework. Usually this is in the kitchen where water pipes or gas pipes go through the wall, again this can be easily fixed using our special sealing paste which is specially designed to stop rodents entering and also preventing them from chewing back through due to its ingredients and quick setting time. We can also use expandable foam for larger holes, however against rats we don’t advise using this as Rats can chew through this. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, feel free to like, follow and subscribe on all social media including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

For more information on this service please feel free to get in contact with us on free phone 0800 9788316 or email us on

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