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Wasps - (Order: Hymenoptera - membrane winged)

Species: Common Wasp, German Wasp, Tree Wasp, Norwegian Wasp, Cuckoo Wasp, Red Wasp, Hornet, Mason Wasp.

Appearance: most common species in the UK are approx 18mm long, slim with black and yellow markings

Dangerous: Wasps can be very aggressive and unlike bee's can sting multiple times! extreme care needs to be taken if you come into contact with a nest.



Our services for wasps is usually a one visit job, its extremely rare we need to do 2 or more visits to clear an infestation.

All call outs from Artemis will include as part of the price

  • Full survey of the premises

  • Advice on stopping future infestations and any building work that needs to be done

  • A friendly technician who is experienced and qualified and who will try to answer any question you may have, so feel free to ask away! 

  • All technicians are insured! should in the unlikely event any accidents on site happen, giving you peace of mind.

  • Full documents and paperwork of what we have done and also information on the aftercare services we provide

Wasp Control Cardiff

Wasps are a common pest we deal with here at Artemis between the months of April -October. Treatment will depend on each site's situation and if we can get to the nest to remove it or if the nest is in a place we cant access it like underground or in a wall cavity then powders and insecticides maybe used.

Ask about our Wasp bags to hang outdoors to protect your garden this summer

Prices range from  £45 to £120 on average however every call, location is different so prices really can vary - Call us and tell us your situation for a more tailored quote!

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