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At Artemis we have been told some horror stories from customers who have had bad experiences with trades people so we thought we would write a page on how to avoid being miss sold, scammed or simply just who is best to pick to carry out work for your home or business. Along with our other frequently asked questions

We write these tips as only our opinion or from what we have been told by customers or other professionals in the industry

  • Fully Qualified??? what does that mean? ask for his qualifications, its surprising how many people claim to be qualified but are not. At Artemis we hold certificates on file ready if anyone should ask for them.

  • BPCA Qualified? Companies may say they are BPCA qualified, BPCA members etc if in doubt look for the official BPCA logo (pictured below) or go to type in your postcode on the front page and that will list only BPCA qualified members

  • What are they using to carry out treatments? ask exactly what the technician is using to carry out treatments, are you paying £50 for someone to come round your home with a can of fly spray you could have bought yourself? On the other hand is it safe around your pets or children? there are chemicals on the market today that are extremely bad to use in homes, kitchens etc, ask the pest  control has he done a risk assessment and whats his companies health and safety policy!

  • Guarantee to be cheaper? be careful of this especially if you hear it over the phone without anyone surveying the site or pest issue, could waste a lot of time! Also if you get a few quotes in and almost all quotes are the same price apart from one which is half the price, stop and think how is it so much cheaper? could be only doing half the job? or using lower quality chemicals?

  • Guarantee the work? again be careful of this if a pest control company is guaranteeing their work get it in writing and also how long for? do they guarantee you wont get mice again that week? month? year? ..........well if they guarantee no more mice in your house ever again i would snap that deal up!

  • Reviews - Reviews can be great but in the pest control industry you dont get many, now that reviews on social media are no longer anonymous its very rare that you get a restaurant publicly saying job well done for removing all the cockroaches in his restaurant! So dont look too much into it when you see plumbers or electricians on google getting 50 plus reviews and the pest control companies geting between 0-5 reviews good or bad.

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